Thousands of cards!
Hundreds of questions!
Who will get the right order?
«Swapping and ranking those cards is a great deal of fun! »

iscover PERMÜT !

Which tower is taller: One World Trade Center or the Chrysler Building?

Which was launched first: Lost or C.S.I.?

Welcome in


, a fun new picture


to play with all your friends!

In this

Trivia game

of a new genre, sort the cards within the time limit, challenge your friends... and master the leaderboard!

Permüt is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

. You can also play

Permüt on Facebook

with your friends!
Find the right order!
Compare your score with your friends!

verything is in PERMÜT!

Everything you love and care about is in Permüt! Songs and singers, movies and movie stars, current and past events, sports and athletes... and so much more.

All your favorite themes: Music, Cinema, People, History, Geography, Sports...
and now, an I.Q theme

10000 cards to sort,

hundreds of questions!


lay with all your friends!

A unique




games of 2 to 5 players!

Invite your


, play your game, compare scores.

Become the star of the leaderboard!

requently Asked Questions
Download Permüt from the App Store! Permüt is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also play Permüt on Facebook.
We are right now working on other versions, so you can play Permüt on multiple platforms.
Permüt is a multiplayer game only. But our matching system will find you some opponents to play with!
At the end of a series, for every card, you get 1 point for every other card placed correctly in relation to it.
You are getting 1 point for each card that is correctly placed in comparison to card X.
If a card is placed correctly in relation to all the other cards, you get a big star and your points are doubled!
At the end of a series, you can also get up to 20% more points, depending on how fast you answer!

- Rio de Janeiro is placed correctly compared to all the other cards: you get 4 points.
- Buenos Aires is only placed correctly in relation to Rio de Janeiro and Vienna, so you get 2 points.
- You have two cards placed correctly in relation to all the other cards, so you get the "Ranked" bonus of 8 points (2x4).
- You managed to answer quickly: you get a bonus of 16% (4 additional points).
When you beat an opponent, you get points that will affect your ranking on the general leaderboard.
The ranking system is based on ELO rules: beating better ranked opponents gets you more points.
All players start at 1500 points.
Do you still need to contact us? Just send us an e-mail at: